LINEAPELLE NEW YORK is a presentation of projects offered by 100 Italian and European manufacturers as a preview to fashion brands and top-range customers before they develop their sample collections for the following season, which will be exhibited during LINEAPELLE.
Do not you could visit us at Lineapelle. We send you the collection!
LINEAPELLE LONDON, 26 January 2016

Vesica Piscis

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Colaboración de Vesica Piscis & Flecintex SL
We are already working on the new 2016 collection LINEAPELLE
Os adjuntamos enlace para el estudio de mercado de calzado en Hong Kong

Natural fibers

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The importance of natural fibers and their impact on the global economy.
Espadrilles of Cervera del Rio Alhama
Kanna congratulate the success of her bracelets.


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We are ready to Lineapelle II
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